I don't expect people to read this LJ anymore as I don't even use it anymore.

This is really because I needed a place where I can post what I need to keep a record of for my support/own needs etc.

I have struggled with my weight for years and have never been truly happy.I have gained more weight recently and look larger then I have in about 6 years. Its getting to me really badly.

Tomorrow I will begin a weight loss plan that I think will actually work. Obviously motivation, determination etc but I have faith I can do it.

I will be posting my progress to LJ and MAYBE posting them public? Not sure. Maybe when its all done. I am to shy for people to see what I look like with no clothes on (talking about a bikini here!) but I need to monitor the progress for myself and see changes to keep me going.

Anyway. Here is hoping this works and doesn't fizzle out. Later tonight or tomorrow morning. i will take BEFORE photos and weights and measurements and then cry myself to sleep.



Im poisoneous and vicious. I hate being this way, usually i dont understand or how to play the game but ugh.

I dont wanna hurt people and i get hurt myself the most.


Job interviews! - RESULTS

BOTH my interviews went really well!! I think anyway.

but I'm faced with a conundrum about the jobs.

Now, I thought this was some admin stuff, but REALLY. It is me (or me paying a telemarketer) to find people in the phone book, who want a new website. Then making an arrangement to see said people and convicing them to agreee and signing a cheque.

Upon cheque signing i get $250,

They then need to send the information and i get the last $50. So $300 per sale.

I can do things at my leisure, they require on average 6 sales a week. I would have my own area, work from home etc. No flat wage and yeah.

Mr.Bakas said to give him a call in a week if I was interested or not and if I was, I'd be sent over to Adelaide for a day/two to be trained. Telemarketing & sales. And see if its for me. Try it out for two weeks and if its for me, "don't lose anything" HE OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T REALIZE I CURRENTLY HAVE A JOB AND ITS NOT WORTH ME QUITTING FOR TWO WEEKS lol.

I'm not too sure, i dont like the idea about this.

The girls I met (the pattern drafter and the person i would work under i forgot what she did XD ) were lovely! I liked them a lot.  The job would BASICALLY be me measuring the garments when they arrive, and filling out the proper paper work for Target.
Making sure everything was correct.
Corresponding with emails to and from China.
Recording every detail etc
Rebecca (that's her name!) said I'd be working under her and would be trained up etc

It actually looked REALLY interesting.
She EVEN went and got the paper work of what i would be doing.

I will get a phone call later in the week when I can have an interview with the General Manager of Piping Hot (the 2nd interview).

This is in Richmond on Bridge Rd. Hours 9am-5:30pm, no paid overtime.

So yeah. I don't want to be stuck in a shitty job. I don't know what I would get paid yet on the Piping Hot one, as for the commission, well, you can do the math.

I still want to apply to NIDA at the start of next year but I want to be happy in my job and earn $$



Yay! i got these shoes for 1000Y


nothing wrong with them at all. Pretty sure NO ONE IN JAPAN HAS FEET THAT LARGE. ( me being size 10 AU)


MATIERAL OUTLETS what do you prefer?

What are your usual matieral shops Melbournites?


Just done the road from me is the biggest Spotlight so I frequent there, but often they're a bit meh.
I like going to Sydney Rd too.
I have also found a place in heildberg that had some lovely fabrics at a great cost ;D
In Lilydale there are a couple places too.

How COOL would it be if I could find a shop that had like pure velvet that was like $5 a metre or super heavy satin XD I know I know.

You get what you pay =)

I find little shops are a bit better then large chains cause I dunno, just different stock I suppose. I got green velvet (rayon) for Suiseiseki (omg i loved that cosplay <3) and that was $15. I was determined to use THAT fabric but Spotlight had it for $30, so THERE YOU GO.

Place in Lilydale I got silver lycra for $3 a metre! I haven't used it XD

And for Belle!

I could not find THAT COLOUR ANYWHERE!!!!!! I was SO angry. So I went to some fabric store on Sydney Rd and they had the best colour but it was super shiney, so I revered it XD I was happy with that cosplay.


What are your opinions?

But I am going to hong Kong next month and China, so OMG FABBBBBRRIIIIIICCCC

lulz japan

How long should I spend in Osaka and Kyoto? XD


This is the VERY ROUGH plan of action!!

Arrive Tokyo.
Spend a few days "exploring the sites" (thats what chris said)
Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto (depends which one I feel like)
Osaka/Kyoto to Okinawa ....LOL if Chris doesn't want to fork out the dough for plane trip =3 we will prob just go to Nagaski.
Okinawa/Nagasaki back to Kyoto/Osaka
All the way up to Nagano
Nagano on to Hokkaido (yes, chris wants to go there FUKKEN COLD)
Hokkaido back to Tokyo.

All of the above may have stop overs. Esp Hokkaido. 10 hours from Tokyo!

What do you guys think?
I think i will spend more time in Kyoto than Osaka. But they are so close together!
I arrive Dec 27th and leave Jan 23rd.

I think 7 or 6 days in Tokyo on the end of the trip would be nice and relaxing. DISNEYYYYLANNNDD. I dont really want to have any plans, just roam around and enjoy! Plus I can always just take the Shink somewhere! Damn you accommodation

********** BTW
I meant staying at BOTH Osaka and Kyoto just one city on the way there and the other on the way back. Not sure how long in both citiies though.